East Coast Adventure : Day One

The day I took off for my East Coast Adventure was a busy one. Danny had a morning Dr's appointment in Kansas City so I had to tag along. My sister Megan met us at what used to be my dad's BBQ for some BBQ lunch and offered to take me to the airport. It was a fun surprise to start the trip!

The flight was bumpy, but I made travel friends with a girl across the aisle. She had spent 3 months in Rome doing her student teaching so we talked about Rome. Travel friends are what I call those people that you meet on the plane or train or subway station, and they're you're good friend till the train comes or the tour's over or whatever. They're one of my favorite things about traveling. We said goodbye at the taxi stand and I jumped in a cab headed for Roosevelt Island, a little strip of land in the middle of the East River.

Mat was there soon and we spent some time watching the sun set from his balcony and catching up. After it was fully dark he said something like "So I suppose you want to go out and walk around" which I did. Very much. I changed into some warmer clothes and we headed out! That night is a kind of blur memory of crisp air and dark outside and city lights and traffic and "what's that?" and "oh wow". It was fantastic. Sadly I left my camera at Mat's place and just had my iPhone for the next pictures.

We went to Apple store and walked around Rockerfeller Plaza. 

We tried to eat at Tom Colicchio's restaurant 'wichcraft in Bryant Park so I could combine the love of two shows at once, but Bryant Park was closed. So we ducked inside a pizza place so I could have a slice (one of my trip goals).

I don't know about Mat, but I was super tired at that point. He headed back to his groovy pad on the island and crashed out.

And that was the first day!


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