I'm headed for the East Coast.



This is the inside cover of the little moleskine journal I've been prepping -
prepping to to take with me to New York.
Because I'm going to go.
Next month.
Just a few weeks. !!!

I'm kind of surprised. It's one of those "I wanted to and I could so I did" actions that I admire in others but rarely strike out on myself. It started out with the thought that if I could really use a break. Next, I asked my friends if anyone wanted me to come stay with them, and then I decided to take one of them up on it.

I chose the New York one of course, because who doesn't want to go to New York? And now I'm going. 

I am excited about a lot of things. I am super excited to see some old friends. I have known Mat, the friend I'm staying with, for about 15 years and haven't seen him in several. I'm going to see Jd, one of my best friends from high school (and Greg's bio-father). He's going to show me around the MoMA. I'll get to hang out with Eben, my long time bff  and his wife Carolyn. I haven't seen them for probably 3 years. Eben wants to show me the Met and I'm sure he has some restaurants in mind. And! at some point I'm going to share a meal with my grade school friend Chris who I haven't seen in as long. That's a lot of catching up with a lot of people and I am going to love every minute of it.

I'm also excited about seeing certain sites and history spots. I love giant and I love statues so of course I want to look at the Statue of Liberty. I think the Chrysler building is stunning. I want to look at the city from the top of one of the places you look at the city from the top of. I want to check out lots of Central Park, but especially Bethesda Terrace with the waterfall from Godspell (and others) and Belvedere Castle.

I'm excited to walk from Washington Square to Union Square like I did when I stayed there in the 80s and see how much it's changed. And while I'm in the neighborhood I want to check out the stomping grounds of Jack Reed and Emma Goldman and other radicals from the start of the 20th century. Also the stomping ground of the Beats. Also the stomping ground for Abbie Hoffman. I'm guessing Henry Miller might have lived around here at some point. He lived in a lot of places in NY. Hopefully I'll find out.

I hope I'll get a decent amount of time to just sit and watch and write in my journal. Seems like there never has and never will be enough time for that. Probably because I don't think I could ever get enough of it.

I am worried about some things too. Mostly the dogs. I'm worried Henry will pass on while I'm gone, or worse - get sick and Danny & Hannah would have to make the big decision without me. I know he's going to go but I want to be here to say goodbye when he does. I'm worried what Luna with think when I'm gone so long and if she'll regress or grow to trust Danny more. I'm worried if Hannah will take care of herself and be a good kid. I'm worried Danny will let them eat out every meal. I'm sure there's more. It's all worried mom stuff.

Still I'm sure I'll have an excellent time.
I'm thinking about it all the time.