I’m not sure yet what to call this or how to describe it. It’s like my Facebook wall - or remember MySpace? It’s also like the index page I used the last time I had a website. It’s where I’ll check in, say hi, show you things and let you know when I’ve done something in other parts of this site.

these are some flowers

In between the getting readjusted to life, going to the doctor, making sure my pipes didn’t freeze, checking in with all the people I have to check in and quality Netflix time bingeing The Umbrella Academy (thank you Adam) - I am trying to sort through the bunches of videos I shot on my last trip to Disney.

I really want to edit them into a really short, but of course super interesting video. Do I know how? Um, not really? In theory? I know I want to try. And I know at first it won’t be good. But I’m going to give it a go.

First though I have to gather them from 3 phones and one fake gopro, sort through to get rid of the lame bits, get then all in one spot and then start trying to pick and choose and edit.

Easy as pie.

Oh and then I have to figure out where to put my stuff online when I don’t want it to be on my actual account for reasons.

Right now I’ve just about got them all one place. After tonight I will.

I think I’ll probably share things with you as I go, before I share it for everyone.

I’m posting this with no photos and no videos because it’s late, I’ve had a long day and I’d rather post this than nothing.

Do you want me to update the FB page when I just post something like this? Or only when it’s good?


Last Monday night, I took a flight to my second favorite US city, Orlando, Florida.

Honestly I don’t love Orlando. I love the theme park bubble. And I love several people who happen to live there. And I love the weather half of the year. So, second favorite.

I had never taken a flight that left so late at night before and I have to say I will be taking more of them. There were 61 people on that flight. I’ll skip the part where I rant about how airlines would rather let those seats be empty than sell them cheap last minute.

I had the whole row to myself.

yes, that’s my ravenclaw scarf

yes, that’s my ravenclaw scarf

I spent Monday & Tuesday staying on property with my cousin, Dawn.

never miss out on the magic shots!

never miss out on the magic shots!

after dinner drinks at the wave

after dinner drinks at the wave

Tuesday night, her husband (my cousin)’s birthday, so he came to meet up with us at Hollywood Studios.

he scares me.

he scares me.

We celebrated my cousin Chris’s birthday with drinks, dinner + dessert at Mama Melrose!

birthday dinner with my brother, dawn, chris the birthday boy, and me

birthday dinner with my brother, dawn, chris the birthday boy, and me

After that I spent a couple days alone at parks and stayed with my brother and sister-in-law. The sun came out for those two days and it was glorious.

smiling in the sunshine on the hub grass

smiling in the sunshine on the hub grass

On Friday night, I got on a plane to Houston, where I got on a plane to Kansas City, where it was a balmy 20 or so degrees.

And then on Saturday night, it snowed. Bunches.

no thank you though.

no thank you though.

And that, my friends, is exactly why I try to run away to somewhere sunny and hot for at least a minute every February or so. This was only 4 days, and only 2 were so sunny they were hot, but it made such a difference.

I think I can make it through till May now.

February 19, 2019
after dark

It’s snowing again.
Even before this, we’ve had So Much snow this winter.
And as I bet you know, I am not a fan.

I’m going to escape it though.
Somewhere in my 40s I realized if I was going to stay living in Kansas, I was going to need to leave for somewhere much warmer towards the end of the winter. Especially in years like this one when winter has been especially harsh.

I didn’t think I was going to get to this year. Because life is complicated. But life is also full of surprises. One of my favorite cousins is in Orlando for the winter. We’ve been trying to find a way to spend some quality time together for a long time now and a couple weeks ago when we were once again checking personal schedules and flight schedules we found a few days that would work for both of us And had pretty cheap flights.

So on Monday night, really late, I’m going to hop on a plane and visit my cousin in Orlando.

Of course we’re going to spend some time at the parks. But mostly we’re going to talk and enjoy each other’s company. And I am going to enjoy the warm sunshine. In shorts and tank tops. Oh I can’t even say how much I can’t wait.


February 10, 2019

New York is easily my favorite city in the US.
So how lucky am I that my son and his family live there?

They recently had a baby, which means I recently became a grandma. It's sweet. It's just as good as all the silly memes say. But that's not what I want to talk about, not here anyway.

In face, I don’t really want to talk about anything yet - except these pictures I want to show you.

I think you should all see this.
You can thank me later.