I’d start each bit with a date. I wish it would auto date, but I am lazy.

And then each little block would be a days’ entry. Maybe images. Maybe words. Maybe a combination. And then what? I’d let them build up all month and then just archive them by changing the name of the page and starting a new one. sounds brilliant.

I would also like to give it a separate background color but i can’t seem to figure out how. or like page background whatever and these boxes white. why is this hard?

Oooooohhhhh. Look what I did. Nice. I went in and added this as a banner.
I still don’t know how to make it a solid color, but how fun will this be?

More than medium, I’m pretty sure.


 February 13

I would need to make some graphics, perhaps, for a line indicating some sort of separation between entries. if they’re two plain texts. or whatever. but i like that. so that wouldn’t suck. also i could learn to make each “page” here have an outline or a different color or something, i’m sure if i just figured it out.

also, crazy that it’s only 9pm. i like it when i’m productive. and when i don’t have to fuck up the timeline making dinner.