I'm going to do some stuff here.


The other day I made a post on Facebook. Maybe you read it.

My point was about the weird dichotomy of how much I hate Facebook and want to quit it, and yet log on willingly pretty much every single day of my life. More than that - I voluntarily tell it where I am and what I’m doing and show it pictures of my life.

I had concerns when I thought Facebook was only as evil as every other corporation, but more and more news is coming out that maybe they are a little more evil than the rest. The latest news, that they willingly shared our friends lists and private messages with a handful of other giant corporations, has really made me stop and thing about whether or not I want to keep being a willing participant.

BUT! Here’s the thing. Facebook is not just about me sharing my stuff, it’s about me keeping up with my friends and family. Yes I know there are other ways to keep in touch, but the world today is a busy place and although I would keep up with many of you, without the internet there’s no way I would or could possibly keep up with even the small group of friends I have here.

As an example from my own life — I became a grandmother for the first time last week. It’s about the best news I’ve had in — I don’t even know how long. Of course I wanted everyone to know — but there’s no way I would have ever called or messaged that info to as many people as saw it on Facebook. Not only would I not have time, I wouldn’t want to interrupt every single one of you to say oh hey, dig my news. On Facebook, everyone who wants to can see it at their own convenience. It’s great.

So I asked on Facebook how my friends felt about it.
A lot of people agree.
A friend I’ve known for about a million years suggested I go back to writing my own blog.

I’ve been trying to get a space like this together for a while.
It’s slow going because A . I tend to put my personal projects at the bottom of my priority list and 2. I’m not exactly sure what I want this place to be like.

If you’ve known me for a long time, you might remember when I first started writing online. It was 1995. There weren’t any blogs. In fact there were only 2 other people writing personal stuff online. I was infatuated by the whole concept and started what we called “online journals” over 20 years ago (I am ANCIENT).

I did that until my dad passed away in 2002. I was sad after that and didn’t want to write anymore for a while. When I finally did, I moved to LiveJournal where I was happy reading and writing for a long time. I really enjoyed the sense of community there. When it went funky, I moved to TypePad because that’s where some artists I liked kept their pages.

I’m tired of blogs though. I never really wanted a blog (that’s why I headed to LiveJournal instead of something like Typepad in the first place). A blog seems too formal to me. I’m not trying to make a mini magazine — I’m more trying to make a ‘zine for online. I want to share thoughts. And of course I want it to look cool, but I don’t want it to look like everyone else’s. And maybe sometimes I want to write something that’s more like an essay or an article, but I also want a place I can write things that are much more like notes.

Like notes I passed in the hallway between classes in high school.


So that’s what I’ going to do here.
It’s going to look a mess for a while, and be kind of … well you’ll probably be able to tell it’s a work in progress. But I want to share stuff. I want to show & tell and I want to talk to you, my friends. And I don’t want to do it on Facebook anymore so here we go - ShellyCentral.com.

Here’s my plan.
I’ll write & show pictures & all that stuff over here, and when I do I’ll tell you about it on Facebook, along with a link. So if you want to see travel pictures or hear me go on about Todd Rundgren or whatever it is about me that entertains or amuses you about me — you can.

I’ll still be there following you and your stuff.
But Facebook won’t know all about my business.

(If you’d like to do this and start your own web pages, let me know and I would be more than happy to help you. It’s easy.)

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