good morning. it's cold.


ok, to try to get this new habit started, i'm going to say something here this morning even though i don't actually have anything to say. it's ok though because i'm not telling anyone to come read this so who cares what it says.

it's been unseasonably warm in the LFK lately and i have A. loved it and B. taken it for granted. not anymore though. it's back to typical winter in kansas. i'm choosing to focus on those few lovely days instead of the current cold. PLUS last night at dinner danny & i both noticed how it was still light outside and that is encouraging. winter is over, it just doesn't know it yet.

later today i'm going to kansascity to hannah's house. well, more like this evening. tomorrow is an eye poking appointment and it's at 845am (what? isn't it bad enough that they're going to poke needles in her eyes? does it really have to be that early? the child has epilepsy issues in the am.) but today, while i'm home i am going to do some more gelli prints because i might be in love with the process. and then a friend is going to come over so we can watch "the room." have you seen that movie? share what you thought if you did, please.

oh and just for the record, today is the second day in a row that the dogs have gotten into the trash can with the lockable lid. 
it's spike. he is a trouble maker, and man does he love to dig in the trash. daisy loves food more than spike does, but spike loves digging and getting into stuff. he is a rascal for sure. here they are on a better behaved morning.

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