You can't win if your story stays the same.

One of the many reasons I wanted to move away from Facebook is the way they’ve made it no fun at all to share things from other platforms there. If you share a post from Insta, for example, it used to put the whole lovely image right there in your post. Now it’s a tiny thumbnail and a link. Come on guys, you can’t be evil AND give us a crap product. Pick one.

I bring this up because just now I wanted to share this video. I started back on a showtunes thing last month and that brought back some music I haven’t listened to for a while - including the soundtrack to The Wiz. The original one with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross and etc.

This song is just good. I’ve been listening to it on average about four times a day I’d bet.
I just wanted to share :)

You are welcome.

remember when they did the live tv version and really clueless white people were all up in arms about “what if we decided to make an all white version of the wiz??”

yeah. what if?

Shelly BrewerComment